Contact Lenses

Glasses are not the sole solution for your vision. Contact lenses are a great option alongside spectacle wear, whether it be for sport, socialising or something you can wear whilst at work. 

There have been significant advances in contact lens technology and many people find there are options available today that didn't exist in the past. We thoroughly enjoy fitting contact lenses and providing you with options such as varifocal contact lenses to allow distance and reading vision simultaneously. 

A contact lens trial includes an assessment of your suitability for contact lenses, a discussion of your requirements and expectations from contact lenses to ensure all the relevant contact lens options can be considered.

An ocular assessment and vision check will be undertaken, once the contact lenses are in place. We will ensure you are comfortable with insertion and removal of contact lenses at home and how to look after your contact lenses alongside a continual after care service to ensure good ocular health.