Children's Eyecare

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"Why fit in when you were born to stand out?" Dr Seuss

Children are the apple of our eye and it is important we look after their eyes as they will see the future.

Having your child's vision assessed from an early age is hugely important to ensure there are no ocular issues that require early intervention. Many ocular conditions in childhood such as a squint can be diagnosed and treated through routine eye examinations.  It is really important these are picked up as early as possible and recommend sight tests from  preschool, especially if either parent is a spectacle wearer. We have specialised charts and equipment for child's eye tests so they don't have to be able read letters. We pride ourselves on a fun and relaxed atmosphere so your child feels at ease and enjoys the process of having their eyes tested. 

We have a large selection of frames in different colours and sizes to ensure your child leaves feeling confident in their new eyewear. 

We also provide fitting appointments, if your child is under the Hospital Eye Service (Orthoptics), where they are welcome in store to select their new frames and discuss any lens options required.